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All of our coaching work starts by listening to your story. Through 60-90 minute sessions, we explore your past successes and work to unleash the fantastic potential that your talents naturally hold. Using your unique combination of talents and strengths, we focus on the ways to make your day to day activities much more enjoyable for you!

My personal and professional path has long been defined by membership in the family of helping professions. I followed a brief career in Clinical Genetics by a 20+ year career as a Physician Assistant providing health care services and counseling to young people and their families. I have extensive training in both pediatrics and end-of-life care. As I approached 50 years old, I chose to change professional direction. I returned to school and earned a doctorate in Mythology and Psychology and became certified as Personal and Executive Coach. The Connectedness of our human stories through the millennia has been the focus of my research and writing. Learning to live gracefully through the many twists and turns that life offers has been the focus of my own life for over 40 years.

I believe that effective coaching can ease times of transition in our lives. We know that when we explore the great questions that life poses, our psyche becomes just a bit freer to explore alternative outcomes, new futures. By encouraging you to share your dreams, we work together to help you create and live into the future that you have imagined.

My clients find that our work helps them to find the joy in times of transition. Be it work related, health related, or personal, if you find yourself in a time of transition and would like a companion to remind you of your strengths along the way, contact me. I think that you will find the coaching journey to be incredibly empowering!

Our first coaching session is complimentary and can be face to face in Guilford or Cheshire, CT. I also work with clients on Skype as well as on the telephone.

I look forward to hearing from you! With very best wishes! Carol

For a copy of my current CV, click here: http://carolrizzolo.com/?p=551